Learn Relationship Skills, Save Relationships.

We all want to enjoy rich and rewarding relationships. Yet we often find ourselves ill-equipped to navigate our differences, and our relationships suffer as a result. Most of us are woefully unskilled in our capacity to manage common relationship challenges. The good news is that you CAN learn relationship skills and save relationships.

The Connection Practice

A certified Connection Practice coach, Rev. Rhona teaches strategies for calm and language for empathy. Through the Connection Practice, Rev. Rhona will equip you with language and coping skills for handling differences in relationship. Learn how to share your values and needs so that others can hear them without judgment. You can learn how to hear the values and needs of others without feeling threatened or defensive. Imagine being able to initiate discussion in a way that feels open and safe for both of you. And perhaps most importantly, learn how you can remain calm enough to be open to practical solutions that promote connection between all parties.

Maintain Your Independence AND Remain Connected to Those You Care About

In summary, you will learn simple yet effective techniques to remain calm in upsetting situations, and to experience empathy for yourself and others. When you are calm and empathetic, you can access practical insights about how to proceed in any relationship challenge. These valuable life skills will enrich your every relationship. Learn essential relationship skills, Save treasured relationships.

Rhona strongly encourages couples to participate in this coaching. As an incentive she offers special discounted rates for couples. Relationship coaching sessions are also available for individuals and small groups. Workshops are offered for larger groups such as team leaders and managers. For pricing, please contact Rhona.

Learn Relationship Skills