Honouring the Journeys of Life
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Treasuring relationships


Beautiful non-denominational weddings and heartwarming memorial services by Unity minister Rev. Rhona Segarra

Coaching of skills which are essential for a wholehearted relationship. 

Rev. Rhona Segarra treasures relationships.  She offers a gentle, personal approach to life’s sacred moments. 

Wedding Officiant

Honouring Life’s Journeys: 

Uniting in Marriage

 Rev. Rhona is happy to share in the fun and excitement of planning your wedding day. As a licensed marriage officiant in Surrey BC, she provides personalized service to create a sacred and meaningful wedding ceremony that reflects your unique relationship.

Rhona creates a warm, safe and joyful environment where you are free to create a beautiful and meaningful wedding experience with each other.   A non-denominational wedding ceremony, a traditional wedding ceremony or a custom creation of your own: your wedding will be beautiful. 


Relationship Coach

Honouring Life’s Journeys: 

Healthy Relationships

Relationships matter. Yet whether you are engaged to be married, you’re married already, or you’re involved in other relationships, the truth is: relationships can be challenging. Simple yet powerful techniques can help you to respect each other’s differences and arrive at solutions that work for both of you.

As a certified Connection Practice coach, Rhona offers individual, couple and group coaching sessions to improve the relationships you care about. Learn essential skills to enable you to feel calm, clear and connected with yourself and those you love.


Funeral Officiant

Honouring Life’s Journeys: 

Saying Farewell

Funerals, memorials and celebrations of life are sacred and powerful ways to say farewell to a loved one who has passed away. Rhona is honoured to support families who are grieving the loss of someone they love. She offers personalized and beautiful memorial services and celebrations of life. Rhona works with you to create a service that suits your preferences, whether non-denominational or traditional.