passionate about people

About Rev. Rhona Segarra, MDiv


Passionate about people, I am a Unity minister who offers non denominational weddings, memorial services and relationship coaching.

Hello! My name is Rhona Segarra. My passion is people and celebrating relationships. I focus on three areas: to officiate at beautiful wedding ceremonies; to coach people in their ongoing relationships; and to officiate at meaningful memorial services.  



I live in the South Surrey/White Rock area, and it is my privilege to serve as the Minister at Unity of New Westminster Spiritual Community.  

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to Canada in 1977. My loving husband Walt, brilliant son David, and amazing parents, brothers and sisters have all been a blessing in my life.  I live in South Surrey and enjoy dancing with Flamenco del Mar, singing, and walking along White Rock pier. I celebrate life, every day.



Relationships add meaning and depth to our lives. As a wedding and memorial service officiant, it is an honour to support those who treasure relationships.  When people learn to “do relationship better”, the world becomes more peaceful.  



It gives me joy to meet with a couple who are planning to marry and work with them to create a beautiful wedding ceremony. Officiating at their wedding is the icing on the cake! 



When I am entrusted to officiate at memorial services and celebrations of life, I appreciate the opportunity to support families in their grief. Funerals, memorial services and celebrations of life are an important way to treasure our relationships. 



I am passionate about people.  My desire for people to have rich and rewarding relationships has led to my certification as a Connection Practice coach. The certification enables me to offer classes and workshops for those who seek to improve their relationship skills. 


About Unity of New Westminster

Rev. Rhona Segarra is the minister at Unity of New Westminster BC.

Unity highlights spiritual principles for full and abundant living. We draw on the teachings of Jesus as our primary way-shower and example, AND we honor the universal spiritual wisdom found in faith traditions all over the planet.

By whatever name we may have for the God of our understanding, we are all connected within that one Power. We honor all people: all races, all creeds, all political ideologies, all abilities, all ages, all expressions of gender, sexuality and who we love.